Goodbye Scandi MIni...

Goodbye Scandi MIni...

BIG NEWS! Scandi Mini is closing down. Please have a read as to why, how and when.

I've written this text a million times. I've rewritten it, deleted it and started again. I don't know how to explain the reason why I've decided to close down Scandi Mini in a few sentences because this decision is multi-layered. One that I've considered for 5 years but couldn't make my mind up about. 6 months ago, I made my final decision.

It's personal.

It all became a bit too much. I've come to realise I never wanted what Scandi Mini became, never wanted to be one of the biggest independent children's shops in the UK, never wanted to deal with crazy hyped launches with so much money at stake I would lie awake not sleeping at all the night before. I did all of these things and it did not make me happy.

The decision to close down the Scandi Mini website makes sense.

We launched a pretty dysfunctional but great looking website 2.5 years ago and it's really been an uphill struggle. We were obviously told it would work wonders, improve sales etc, but the truth is that it has not, and we lost so much money. We've spent a lot of time and ££££ fixing it and it now works. I still want to move away from it though, because just maintaining it at this level costs us about £2,000 a month. There are way better solutions out there, for much less money.

It's about making a positive change to my life.

In 2020 I am making some big changes. The current website will close down when the current stock is sold out but we will open a new website in a few months time, with some awesome brands, just fewer. We will keep you up to date here on Instagram, so please still continue to follow us.

I want to end this post with a few important things.

Firstly, I want to thank you all for being part of this journey. What I am remembering is the level of support, love and loyalty you guys have shown us over the past almost 10 years. I've absolutely loved that!

The close down sale has now begun online and will finish when stock is finished. Get 50% off all clothes and 30% off home (some exclusions apply,
marked as non-sale)

xx Gabrielle and the Scandi Mini Team

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