Its time as a race to take more responsibility on the deterioration of our planet through education and guidance. Mini Rodini as a brand are a great advocate for this, believing strongly in recycling and sustainability -  this season is the most sustainable collection from the brand yet!

"Conventional cotton is considered the worlds dirtiest crop due to its heavy use of deadly pesticides. However less than 1% of all the cotton grown globally in 2016 was organic. At Mini Rodini 100% of our cotton is organic and GOTS certified - one of the strictest global standards for organic materials and certifies a product from raw material to finished product." - Mini Rodini

"The earth is our mother and we must take care of her" entitles this seasons collection each piece with a unique story to explain its production. Swimwear was created through the use of old fishnets and ocean waste. Recycled bottles made beautiful jackets. The cotton was grown without the use of poisonous pesticides and the sunshine and wind of mother earth provided the energy to sew it.

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