Wall art: (by Paper Collective & Mado)

Wall art: (by Paper Collective & Mado)

Paper Collective bring together artists from all backgrounds and styles to donate special pieces that can be sold under the paper collective name, all in the name of charity. Artists include Amelie Hegardt, Loulou Avenue and Maia Flore, plus plenty more. Everything is high quality, FSC marked material and certified under the swan mark. We buy, they donate!

Mado (Japanese for window) is the result of a close collaboration from Paper Collective and graphic designer All The Way To Paris. Art for children that is educational, kind, loving and very well made, all designs based on iconic graphics and poetic illustrations. Play Love and Live with Mado.

Below we have lots of gorgeous imagery from the brands, that are there to inspire and give you an idea of how perfect these pieces will look in your home.

Enjoy x

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