Scandi Mini Birthday Photos Album!

Scandi Mini Birthday Photos Album!

We turned 8 in March. It is now June, but hey...sometimes I don't even know where time goes, being busy running a business and looking after my children whilst they are still young and all the other life admin that comes in between.

Now back to the event. As faith would have it, just a few days before our 8th birthday event, photographer @katekuzminovaphotography contacted me via email and asked if I needed any professional photography for my business. Now I take most of our photos myself, but that also means I have very few photos of myself. As our 8th birthday event was just a few days away I thought, 'why not', so Kate came over, and I couldn't have been happier with the result. Here are some images so you can see for yourself, and I will share some more on Instagram soon.

Happy 8 years to Scandi Mini and thank you SO much to everyone who continues to support us. It means a lot to us, a small business. And big thanks to our fabulous team that makes Scandi Mini what it is today: Megan, Monika, Aga & Rachel! You are fabulous and I/ Scandi Mini couldn't do without you. X Scandi Mini

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