FOLK & ROLL is the new upcomming collection from Wolf & Rita this AW18.

Colourfully inspired by Portuguese folklore and popular traditions.

"In Podence, in the northern region of Portugal, the Caretos appear every Carnival, running through the streets dressed in suits made of yellow, red, black, blue and green fringe wool quilts, wearing brass, leather or wooden masks and rattles in their belts. They jingle and jump and shout, playfully disquieting everything and everyone!

In Nazaré, land of fisherman, the women await their return from the sea wearing seven skirts, for the seven waves of the ocean, the seven days of the week, the seven virtues, the seven colours of the rainbow!" - Wolf & Rita

The beautiful illustrations of characters & creatures are drawn up by artist Marcel Dzama's including festival inspired masquarade and tree people! Wolf & Rita hope to help the children to keep up with these many festiv traditions, seeing it through their own eyes.

Scandi Mini will stock a selection of carefully handpicked items from this beautiful collection by Wolf & Rita. We especially love the rust/black colour combinations and predict the beautifuul autumn coats to be an instant sell out. 

Available in stores from 3rd August 2018.

A preview of the collection can be seen below...

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