Summer In Italy!

Summer In Italy!

Summer in Italy!

We love staying in Europe during the summer holidays. I really think it is the best season to go (apart from winter and skiing!) and this time we wanted to have an active holiday. I am not so much for lying on the beach, and prefer DOING things, whether that's visiting a village, go for a bike ride or check out the local cultural offerings. Our children, 6 and 10, are the same and so is my husband (though I am sure he wouldn't mind the odd day chilling, ha!)

After investigating several places and for us more unknown countries too like Poland and Croatia we decided on the Italian Alps, just on the border of Switzerland and Austria. Mainly because we found what looked like an amazing hotel; and the fact that we love Italian food. The hotel, which is in Avelengo, in the South Tyrol, was surrounded by Alps. There are so many hotels in that area, so I would recommend looking at several but in case you want to check the hotel where we stayed at out, it is called Miramonte Boutique Hotel and it had the BEST views, a great spa and beautiful Scandinavian inspired interiors. Plus THAT infinity pool.

Most years we drive when we go abroad, I don't really like flying and it is very convenient in Europe to have a car when you have kids, especially if you want to visit several places. The drive from where we live in London is 15 hours so we drove 10 hours on the first day, and had a stopover in Zurich, Switzerland where we managed to meet up with friends for both dinner and lunch the following day. We arrived in Avelengo on Friday night and stayed for 7 nights in total.

We had so much fun! We did several hikes in the mountains, rode a tobogga, went for walks, visited mountain lakes, several playgrounds as well as the town of Merano - which in itself is worth a visit - and much more. There was a lot to do, and the overall area is so beautiful you feel like you're in the middle of the most idyllic Alps setting you could think of.

And although we worried Cornelia who is 6 would be too small for the hiking, she did fine. We had a few meltdowns when going up the mountains as that was usually a bit steep. But other than that she loved it as much as the rest of us.

To be continued....

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