Today Is Giving Tuesday

Today Is Giving Tuesday

Today it’s Giving Tuesday and it’s time for us, as a small business, to give back to the community around us.

In the year 2000 I was studying for my Masters Degree in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was writing my thesis for a big Swedish telecoms company that was based there whilst I was also studying Spanish at the university. One day I felt a lump below my ear. It wasn't very big and to be honest I didn't really think anything of it at first. There was an English GP in my Spanish class so after a few weeks I asked her if she could have a feel. Cyst she said. I didn't have any tests done but when I came back to Sweden a few months later I saw my Swedish GP who said the same thing but as it had grown much bigger, surgery was deemed to be the best option. It took 2 months to get an appointment.

On the day of the surgery appointment I went on my own, thinking it was a routine examination and a small surgery, but was shocked when the surgeon suggested I should have a biopsy and even more shocked when I was told a week later that I had a rare form of malignant skin cancer being the 3rd person in Sweden who had ever been diagnosed with that type of cancer. I was fortunate to have surgery just one week later and the tumour was removed. I went to check-ups for 5 years before I was given the all clear. I know how lucky I am, as other cancer patients aren't as fortunate.

Fast forward 10 years and my best friend in Sweden was diagnosed with breast cancer which is an ongoing battle. My best friend in London, both her parents died of cancer last year. My half brother's dad also died from cancer a few years ago and my brother in laws father passed away with cancer last year. The list goes on, and on....

I'm sure most of you know someone who has battled cancer or is battling cancer right now. It's a horrible disease. Science has come a long way in fighting cancer but more needs to be done.

Today is 'Giving Tuesday', when businesses give something back to the community. I feel very strongly about cancer research and as such we’ve decided to donate £2 for every full price Bobo Choses order we receive as of now and until December 17th to support U.K. Charity MacMillan Cancer Support. Once we know how many orders we have received, we will match that amount too e.g. a total of £4 per order will go to fundraising. We’re not a big company but as they say: ‘every little helps’. If you don’t want to place an order with us you can donate through clicking the link below.

Thank you so much!

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