Why you need the 'Ultra Tee'...

Why you need the 'Ultra Tee'...

With the planet deteriorating and our health being sacrificed, we as consumers are becoming more and more aware of our buying habits, asking more questions about where our products come from and how they affect our everyday lives, especially its impact on the planet. So with this in mind, we are searching for more sustainable brands to introduce to you, to help us all shop a little more consciously.

A new brand for us is Ultra Tee, a sustainable fashion brand founded in 2012 by designer Angie Sam. Her mission is to create beautiful clothing that respects us and the environment, a passion that she developed very early on from her love for fashion and nature.

"The brand name was inspired by Latin 'Ultra' means 'beyond' while 'Tee' reflects the core of the brand's offering." - Ultra Tee

Starting off from creating plain eco-friendly T-shirts, she decided to branch out and sought an ethical method of digital printing, now using water based inks (certified by confidence in textile) she is able to print inspiring illustrations and designs on her tees too.

So what makes up the Ultra Tee?

Ultra Tees use organic and conventional cotton, recycled poyester and for some collections, tencel, which is a fiber made from eucalyptus pulp!

Here is a diagram taken from the brands website, that explains their process...

*Ultra Tee is a member of Plant for the Planet, an environmental foundation, launched in 2017 in Germany (Am Bahnhof 1, 82449 Uffing am Staffelsee). Their target is to plant 1000 billion trees together by the year 2020 to stop climate crisis. 

You can see the full collection here. We hope you love it too :)

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