We Are 8!!

We Are 8!!

Scandi Mini is 8!

This is huge! From those trembling first months when we started; having absolutely no idea of what we were doing, to realising it was WAY harder than we thought to be successful, to getting my act together, to living and breathing Scandi Mini, to growing and growing, to taking risks and sleepless nights worrying about bills to pay, to being featured in press and other media and winning awards, to hiring a team and trying to get a better balance of it all, to doing it purely because I love what I do in a more balanced form (still with a brilliant team behind those glossy banners and pink shop door).

THANK YOU to all our brilliant customers, friends and family for supporting us through all these stages. We truly feel like we have the best team of support cheering us on. We KNOW things are different this season, and we KNOW we've had to change in some ways, but most of all we KNOW we are doing it for all the right reasons.

Now, tell us. What is your dream and what is keeping you from realising it?

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