We have a new logo...

We have a new logo...

New Logo/New Direction Blog
Say hello to our new logo! Together with graphic designer Eleanor D'eath we have designed a new logo for Scandi Mini. It is simpler, in a monotone black, using a Scandi-inspired font. We have completely removed the duck with the crown, which, no longer fits with our new direction. This new logo will help us create a more grown-up visual identity, as we have since long moved away from children’s only. We wanted to highlight this move; something which said Scandinavian and more grown-up, whilst also portraying a more refined, yet simple look. We think this new logo reflects our business well and stays true to our Scandinavian identity.

Our new direction
Since a few years back, we have focussed on turning Scandi Mini into a Scandinavian inspired lifestyle store; giving you a mix of Scandinavian and international brands that just have that little bit extra that fits into our Scandinavian visual atmosphere. We have always strived to bring you sustainable, eco brands but this focus is even more pronounced now, and we will do our best to source even more brands which have this very important mission. We believe in choosing well, making sure you know where your clothes have been produced and in us all doing our best to reduce waste. We understand the need to update your own and your child’s wardrobe as well as your home but we believe that when we do so, we should aim to buy from brands which are well made and environmentally conscious. 60% of our collections and brands are now conscious brands, including our homeware. From Autumn 19 we have added information for each newly added product which is ecological, to help you shop more consciously. Our blog also aims to highlight brands which are doing great things for and we can’t wait to show you more from Scandinavia as well, including the Scandinavian kids fashion market (spoiler alert: Scandinavia has come a really long way when it comes to recycling, eco production and fair trade).

For any questions regarding our shop, the brands we sell, or for a chance to be featured in our blog, please email help@scandimini.com

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