Oeuf NYC

Oeuf nyc

Oeuf NYC was created by a French/American husband and wife team; Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan in 2002 when their first child was born. They felt the market was in need of children's furniture with quality, practicality and function- packaged in beautiful designs. They then started designing children's clothes and with their unique beautiful knitted designs. Scandi Mini love Oeuf NYC for many reasons, an organic ecological production approach is one of them. They are using 100% certified organic pima cotton that's not itchy and is free of harsh chemicals which could irritate your baby's skin. The cotton is unbleached and untreated but still very soft. They use hair from alpacas which is famous for being soft and luxurious but it is also lanloin free, making it a hypoallergenic fibre, and it's a renewable resource.

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